Who are the Motorcycle Vagabonds?


Simone is the fotographer and Frank the writer of the team.






Born 1968.

Used to work in suit and tie as a manager in charge of 50 people.

Survived several nasty mergers, outsourcings and financial crisises until he understood that the latest desaster was a chance to change his life.

Now he writes books and articles for magazines and is a well known presenter for motorcyle travel themes.



Born 1974.

Florist in her former life and still a passionate plants` expert. She has a big heart for animals.

After our return from the atw-trip she wanted to do something more social and became a nurse.

Besides the social aspect this profession has the advantage, that there´s a massive overdemand, which makes it easy to leave for a few month of Motorcycle Vagabonds life and get a new job as soon as we are back home.

"Motorcycle Vagabonds" is the Englisch translation of our original name: Krad-Vagabunden.

It´s not a MC or MCC, it´s just the two of us.


Krad is an old fashioned German word for motorcycle.


This is the symbolic meaning of our logo/color:

The wings embody wanderslust and the urge to explore the world.

The anchor stands for homeward bound, friends and family.

The (north) star shall help to find your way - on the road and in your life.

 Some think of a three-and-a-half year RTW trip as a never-ending holiday - any thoughts on that?
 You’ve been to several Muslim countries—how did things measure up to the impressions the media gives us?
 How’s life after the big journey?
Just three out of many questions Paul Smith (ADVMoto magazine) had for us.
For a short glimpse into motorcycle vagabonds´ life check the 7-pages-interview:

Motorcycle Vagabonds Interview ADVMoto magazine
ADVMoto Interview Motorcycle Vagabonds 0[...]
PDF-Dokument [4.7 MB]

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